Johanna Chan

Director of Ecosystem Innovation, Dream Impact

As a social entrepreneur in sustainability and women empowerment, Johanna started RIL CREED in Hong Kong and JOYoga in Beijing profiled on Retail in Asia. Upon graduating from Babson College and London School of Economics & Political Science, Johanna was the lead researcher at RetailNet Group (Kantar) focused on retail trends forecasting. Her work on Ethnic Retailing and Marketing to Aging Population was presented to Fortune 500 companies in the United States. At Dream Impact, she is leading ESG Advisory and Corporate Social Partnerships with listed companies on implementing social innovations and environmental impact solutions from grassroots organizations.

All Sessions by Johanna Chan

3:30 pm - 4:05 pm
Reimagining Waste Reduction

The Food Revolution: Why What We Eat Matters

Agriculture, in particular, animal farming, is a major emitter of greenhouse gas and driver of deforestation. The way our food is produced needs to change, yet we are so used to what is served on our plates. This is why scientists and investors are coming up with innovative ways to recreate the same taste, texture and nutritional profiles of animal products, without harm to animals and the environment. In this panel, speakers will be sharing the latest products and investment trends in the sustainable meals, and what it means for our future diets.