Miss Heather Winsor

Sustainability Consultant, Unravel Carbon

Heather is a sustainability consultant at Unravel Carbon with 4 years of experience in sustainability and the energy transition. In her role she works closely with enterprises to guide them on their net-zero journey, from creating their first emissions baseline to setting climate targets and identifying impactful opportunities to decarbonise. Prior to this, Heather was part of the strategy and commercial functions at Shell where she led multiple sustainability projects and initiatives. Highlights include managing an energy, water and waste program for the UK service station network and developing strategies to support the buildings and heavy industry sectors in the energy transition.  Heather graduated with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford, with a focus on behaviour, ecology and conservation. She lives in Singapore and enjoys taking time to connect with nature, whether that is by taking a walk around the block or scuba diving in pursuit of turtles and manta rays! She is also an avid foodie who loves experimenting with vegan, seasonal cooking.

Sustainability Tips from Heather :

  1. This year I have tried to limit my overall consumption, whether that is of clothes, food or cosmetics, and also choose more sustainable options when I do need to buy something.
  2. I recently discovered Carousell and have found some great second-hand and vintage buys!
  3. I have reduced my packaging footprint by bringing reusable containers to dabao food and switching to solid shampoo.

All Sessions by Miss Heather Winsor

11:30 am - 12:15 pm
Green Building & Energy Saving Technologies

Building Sustainability: Integrating Design, Construction, and Property Management for a Greener Future

In this session, experts in built environment will explore the importance of integrating green innovation and practices throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. They will share insights and best practices on how to incorporate sustainable principles into each stage, highlighting the positive impact they can have on the environment and our communities.