Mr. Alexander Bent

Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Undivided Ventures

Alex started his career at John Swire & Sons working in the United States, China & Hong Kong. Since 2004 he has been an entrepreneur in many different areas of the real estate investment space, co-founding a serviced apartment business, Kush Serviced Apartments, a boutique neighbourhood retail brand called Warehouses on West and a real estate investment and asset management business, District15.  District15 co invested with large real estate institutions and funds and was responsible for repositioning, asset managing and exiting these real estate assets and portfolios.   Alex also has a long history of mentoring and investing in start ups and technology companies in the proptech and real estate space and has sat a number of committees in this space including the ULI Technology Committee, the Proptech HK POC Committee, the Negawatt Sustainability Committee and the Spacious Advisory Committee.    He is a co-founder and managing partner of Undivided Ventures which invests in companies looking to solve for sustainability challenges in the built environment.  The establishment of the platform is, he sees, as the culmination of the years of experience he has had investing in real estate and related technologies.

Sustainability Tips from Alexander:

  1.  Built our own bins at home to ensure that we separate our waste at point of disposal.
  2. Purchased a compost machine at home to process food waste to divert from landfill

All Sessions by Mr. Alexander Bent

4:30 pm - 5:15 pm
Closing Ceremony

The Power of Impact Investment: Driving Positive Change Through Financial Decisions

In this panel discussion, experts will explore the power of impact investment and how it can drive positive change through financial decisions. They will share strategies, opportunities, and challenges associated with impact investment, highlighting its potential to create a more sustainable and socially responsible future.