Ms. Bertha Shum

CEO, Earthero Studio

Bertha first founded the blog Earthero Project back in 2017. With a passion for understanding global challenges and building a more sustainable future, she was publishing honest product reviews and easily applicable creative green solutions through the blog. She has successfully attracted readers internationally, and launched a newsletter in collaboration with an European eco-news platform Eco-nnect as well. Overtime, she has worked with multiple corporations, schools and charities hosting eco-workshops and educational talks. She continues to be the writer and content creator of the Earthero Project. In 2020, Bertha started Earthero Studio, a sustainable clothing brand after studying the serious environmental problem with deadstock fabric in the fashion industry. As the Studio continues to expand, it is now focusing on conscious curation catered to corporates' sustainability strategies. Bertha is the curator behind various projects of the Studio, including Asia's first wearable art exhibition.  Bertha was a Development Analyst at Parkview Group. Prior to that, she was an investment analyst at JP Morgan Private Bank. She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge Business Sustainability Management Course. She also has a BSc in Geography and Economics at University College London.

Sustainability Tips from Bertha :

  1. My motto is to be conscious - to think before I use or buy anything.
  2. Another key way is to make use of what you already have, or borrow from friends and family!

All Sessions by Ms. Bertha Shum

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Round Table 3

The Earthero Challenge

Why does climate change matter to us? How can one person contribute to saving our planet from boiling heat and extreme weather? This workshop brings together an action plan that requires slight changes to our lives while making big positive impacts to our planet. If you are fairly new to the topic, and want to take the first step, join us!