Ms. Eliana Kuo


Eliana Kuo, Co-CEO and Founder of SPIN.FASHION, the 3D-based phygital platform for connected fashion, art and culture, and CFS (Circular Fashion Summit), the largest industry gathering in virtual reality fostering global collective actions in design, technology, and sustainability. Eliana is a pioneer in the Web3 circular fashion space, driving the industry’s transition toward a connected circular economy since 2016, supported by partners including Kering, Art Basel, Galeries Lafayette, H&M, Farfetch, Vogue, Unity, Meta and more. With over 15 years in luxury retail buying & merchandising, creative brand & media consultancy living between Milan and Paris, past managerial roles at iconic luxury brands like Etro and Giorgio Armani, where she spearheaded new technology projects, Eliana also developed her entrepreneurial ventures promoting independent designers across Europe and Asia, in collaboration with Vogue, L’Officiel, Grazia and more. “Fashion system needs a radical change, data is the key to start measuring the impact of the industry and set up concrete actions,” says Eliana. In 2019, she envisioned the “Circular Retail” concept: shifting fashion’s KPI from products “sold” to “accessed” through connected phygital products with on-chain smart labels and 3D digital twins. Her entrepreneurial spirit in data and digital innovation harmoniously blends creativity and sustainable business growth, harnessing Web3 technologies for a better future. Eliana's persistent efforts pushing boundaries in innovation and sustainability for the fashion industry has been recognized globally, including Top 50 Female in Tech at VivaTechnology, Business Insider's Top 27 power players transforming fashion sustainably, Tatler's Gen.T list, the recognition as the Green Warrior by Green Is The New Black, and the key Web3 player in the fashion industry by CNN International. Eliana is also the chief author of Circular Fashion Report 2020 - Year Zero, co-published with Vogue Business and PwC. The report outlined the groundbreaking definition of the new Digitized Circular Fashion industry, garnered a global readership across 80 countries, resonating with over 15,000 individuals including industry leaders, academia, governmental organizations, NGOs, and innovation enterprises.

Sustainability Tips from Eliana:

  1. Prioritize essential purchases, show them the care they deserve, and extend their longevity.
  2. Consider the well-being of future generations, not just our own, and your actions can create a meaningful impact.

All Sessions by Ms. Eliana Kuo

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm
Reimagining Waste Reduction

Sustainable Fashion: Paving the Way for a Greener Industry

In this panel, we will explore the importance of sustainable practices in the fashion industry. From the environmental impact of textile production to ethical considerations in the supply chain, our expert panelists will share insights, challenges, and innovative solutions that can reshape the way we approach fashion. Be part of this conversation and discover how sustainable fashion can lead the path towards a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible industry.