Ms. Olivia To

Senior Manager (Carbon Neutrality) Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Invest Hong Kong, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Olivia To is Senior Manager (Carbon Neutrality) of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Invest Hong Kong, the department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government responsible for attracting and facilitating foreign direct investment to Hong Kong. She is a sustainability professional specializing in climate change and green technology. She is an engineer by training, certified carbon auditor and carbon trader. In her previous role at the Environmental Protection Department, she was responsible for developing Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050. She holds a master's degree in Environmental Engineering and Management from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Global Environmental Studies from the Education University of Hong Kong. She serves as a member of the Energy Institute Committee and is a WELL AP.

Sustainability Tips from Olivia:

1. Act urgently against climate change. Shrink carbon footprints for a resilient Earth. Use energy-efficient appliances.
2. Discover the wonders of nature, embrace them, and protect their beauty.

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10:20 am - 11:05 am
Opening Ceremony

Hong Kong's Journey Towards Climate Resilience

Year by year, we are witnessing increasingly severe climate reactions. July 2023 marked the hottest July on Earth in the last 120,000 years. In Hong Kong, we are also experiencing more frequent extreme weather events. In this session, we will explore the efforts and initiatives taken by Hong Kong to achieve climate resilience and address environmental challenges. Our experts will share their insights on the strategies, policies, and actions taken to promote sustainable development in Hong Kong. From green practices to carbon neutrality goals, we will delve into the city's roadmap to a greener and more sustainable future.