Ms. Patricia Slawinska

Director, Impact Advisory

    Patricia Slawinska is an accomplished and visionary leader with over 15 years of corporate and startup experience. She excels in connecting the dots between innovation, ESG, and technology. As the founder of Impact Advisory, Patricia empowers organizations to develop impactful CSR activities. Co-directing Impact Circles, she accelerates the contributions of social entrepreneurs, igniting their potential to create a profound impact.

    Sustainability Tips from Patricia:

    1. Im limiting my energy usage at home
    2. I'm doing my groceries more consciously
    3. I'm teaching my 5 years old daughter about Climate Change

    All Sessions by Ms. Patricia Slawinska

    12:30 pm - 1:15 pm
    Net-zero Energy Innovation

    Revolutionizing Energy: Exploring Innovations in Cleaner Energy

    In this session, we will dive into the latest advancements and technologies in the field of clean energy. Our experts will share their insights on how these innovations are reshaping the energy landscape and paving the way for a more sustainable future.