Shing Koon Kwan

Director, Leigh & Orange Ltd

KK is an architect with over 24 years of design and project management experience in various hospitality, infra-structure, and institutional developments. As the Director of Leigh & Orange Ltd, he has involved in the Hong Kong and Macau region and completed a number of thriving projects involving multi-disciplinary collaboration including City of Dreams and Studio City - the international entertainment resorts in Macau, Shatin to Central Link Hin Keng Station for MTRC. Recently he has taken the key project role for numbers of modular integrated construction projects , including the pilot MiC adopted scheme – HKSTP InnoCell residential institution for the smart living and co-creation community next to Hong Kong Science Park

All Sessions by Shing Koon Kwan

11:20 am - 11:55 am
Green Building & Energy Saving Technologies

Building for the Future: Green Building Design and Construction Trends

For the property industry that has such permanence and long-term outlook, decisions made at design and construction stage are critical. Architectural experts and specialists from leading companies will share the latest trends and innovations in green building design and construction from Hong Kong and around the world, setting the stage for what we can expect from buildings in the future.