Vriko Yu

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, ArchiREEF

    Vriko is the co-founder and CEO of archiREEF, a CNN-featured green tech startup that focuses on restoring marine ecosystems like coral reefs with the power of architecture, science and 3D-printing. In the face of rapid climate change, the likes of coral reefs are being threatened at an unprecedented rate, and Vriko made it her mission to help restore life underwater. During her PhD, she co-invented the world’s first 3D-printed clay reef tiles, a product that has proven to be 4 times more effective in securing coral growth and longevity than traditional methods.

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    2:30 pm - 2:45 pm
    Entrepreneur Keynote

    Entrepreneur Keynote: Don't Forget the Ocean

    Speaker: Ms. Vriko Yu, Co-founder and CEO, ArchiREEF