Boxtalk Media Limited

Eco-friend packaging collaborator dedicate in R&D – Design – Production - Sales & Service whole-process closed-loop, becoming a packaging partner to assist SME operate more sustainable

Zence Object Holding (HONG KONG) Limited

ZENCE OBJECT is an innovative sustainable solutions provider which focusing on turning the bio-waste into eco-friendly materials.

AEL (International Holdings) Ltd

Whatever comes off your plate, powers your community

Envac Far East Ltd

With innovation and ingenuity, we lead the design and implementation of next-generation recycling using resource-efficient waste handling


GrinBean harness the power of technology to make recycling smarter, one bin at a time

Lacess Limited

We craft sustainable shoes using innovative upcycled materials such as Apple Waste, RPET and other planet friendly materials


A one stop platform to enpower customers to shop counsciously and reduce the overall fashion waste through a friendly and sustainable eco-system for recycle and upcycle clothing.


A human-centered contemporary workwear brand, creating high performance gear designed for Industrial Athletes working in the toughest outdoor environments, on-site and off-site.

Greenology Group Limited

24/7 Personal Care Refill Station

The Furry Project

The Furry Project crowdsource wasted natural resources - Pet Fur from Pet Donors and upcycle them into a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly material for the textile and chemicals industry to reduce landfill waste and use of virgin materials.

Green Ashes Technology Limited

We transform agricultural and forestry wastes into sustainable activated carbon

KIN Food Halls

Our mission is to change the way entire cities eat. We accomplish this by rebuilding the supply chain obsessed only with price. Our aim is to encourage widespread consumption of these ingredients to bring about systemic change. Let’s Change The Way We Eat

LuxBalance Lighting Limited

Inspire lives through the power of light in a net zero future

not only powder limited

we give new life to ugly fruits and turn them into health snacks and powder.


A smart system of reusable returnable packaging, we offer corporates, cafes, and customers a convenient alternative to single-use packaging.

One Seed

OneSeed is an engaging "last mile" solution for any corporate sustainability strategy. We plant trees in developing regions for voluntary carbon offsetting, where every tree planted is verified by our mobile Tree Tracking app.

Plant Plant Holding Company Limited

New Breakthrough of Sustainable Soilless Greenwall and Plantings Specialist

TaKe Group Limited

We are building a global, purpose led bamboo technology company that makes a difference at a local level focusing on combatting climate change & single use plastic replacement

Veggroom Limited

Food-Growing Made Easy Veggies As New Decor

Energys Spectrum Limited

Energys Spectrum is a total energy saving solution provider.  We focus on cloud based data logging, audit, analysis, benchmarking, control and management solutions of the enhancement of energy efficiency for equipment including lighting, iAQ, and HVAC power systems through deployment of IoT and AI.

Excalibur Energy Service Company

Excalibur is a Energy service company help our client to reduce electrity usage during the business operation.

HK Leadus Innovation Co., Limited

Leadus is a vacuum glass technology innovator that has developed the 2nd generation vacuum glass production process with world leading mass production efficiency.

I2Cool Limited

Go green, Stay Cool!

Kolar Husky Company Limited

We build carbon negative energy plant using biofuel and hydrogen

Kwan Tai Engineering Co., Ltd

"Redefining Green Walls, Space & Cost Efficiency: Innomaster SPC Panels"

Mictronics Co. Limited

Ultra-high efficiency PMS motor designed for HVAC system



Palmeco Tech Limited (Powered by Sunning Tech Engineering Limited)

Palmeco is an innovation driven company committed to creating next generation of eco-friendly low carbon building materials, to combat climate change by enhancing efficiency in the construction industry.

RHT Industries Limited (Powered by Sunning Tech Engineering Limited)

A solution provider that carries design, supply and installation of energy saving LED products, green building materials, IoT & IAQ integrated technologies that dedicated towards sustainable and carbon neutral built environment.

Patio Verde

a chill hub of stylish, green & sustainable products

Treely Air Technology Limited

Purifying Air in a green and sustainable way

Mindbody (Asia) Ltd.

Supply and install water filtration equipment

River Chain

The new financing ecosystem for the construction industry