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May 28, 2021

Hong Kong Airmeet

Welcome Remarks - Dr. Jimmy Chiang, Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong, HKSAR Government

Dr. Jimmy Chiang will welcome the audience and share more about why Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area is a critical place for those interested in green tech and financing.

09:30 - 09:40 AM Virtual

Opening Remarks - Mr. KS Wong, Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR Government

Mr. KS Wong, Secretary for the Environment for the HKSAR Government, will welcome attendees and share the steps that need to be taken in order for Hong Kong to meet its ambitious carbon reduction goals by the end of this decade.

09:40 - 09:50 AM (HKT/GMT+8) Virtual

Keynote Address - China’s 1.5 Degree Transition: What to Expect and What to Do

Dr. Jonathan Woetzel from the McKinsey Global Institute will share how climate change will affect different parts of China, and what the mitigation and adaptation strategies may be. In particular, he will share insights on how technologies, policy initiatives and businesses can work together to tackle these challenges in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area, as well as help us meet the 1.5°C climate target goals.

09:50 - 10:20 AM (HKT/GMT+8) Virtual

Panel Discussion #1 - You Are What You Eat: Understanding How Food Impacts Climate Change

Food production -- and its inevitable byproduct, food waste, are both big drivers of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. In this panel, panelists will share their insights and knowledge on what can be done in a city like Hong Kong to encourage consumers to move towards a plant-based diet and reduce food waste. Panelists would also explore how technology could be further leveraged to tackle this problem and upcoming trends.

10:20 - 11:05 AM (HKT/GMT+8) Virtual

Panel Discussion #2 - Net Zero Future for Cities

Use of energy in buildings for heating, air-conditioning and other activities are a big contributor to greenhouse gases and one of the main drivers to climate change. In this session, panelists will explore various ways/technologies that can enhance building energy efficiency, reduce energy usage and create a low-carbon built environment.

10:20 - 11:05 AM (HKT/GMT+8) Virtual

Keynote Address - The Power of Nature and Innovation: Paving the Way Forward to Address Climate Change

Will McGoldrick, Regional Managing Director of The Nature Conservancy, will discuss the impacts of climate change and its effects to not only our cities, but our natural environment. He will also share how nature-based solutions and new technologies could help decarbonise and ameliorate the impacts of climate change.

11:10 - 11:30 AM Virtual

Panel Discussion #3 - Powering Our Lives: Investing in a Renewable Energy Future

Transitioning to renewable energy and lower carbon sources is key to solving the climate crisis, but is perhaps a lesser known topic to the general public. In this panel, experts will share their insights and knowledge on what is currently being done, and what Hong Kong’s energy future would look like. Panelists would also explore how the latest technology could play a role in this future.

11:30-12:15 PM (HKT/GMT+8) Virtual

Panel Discussion #4 - Creating Clean Industries: Reimagining Industrial Operations

Industrial operations is a major energy user, greenhouse gas emitter and subsequent major driver of climate change. In this panel, experts will share their insights and knowledge of how various industries could improve its energy efficiency and reduce pollution via electrification or other technological improvements.

11:30-12:15 PM (HKT/GMT+8) Virtual


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